Fiji Sailboat

Floating Hotel


Do you dream of sailing the South Pacific on a luxury yacht? Then TradeWinds is perfect for you!

This cabin yacht operates as a floating luxury hotel. Explore FIJI in a unique and exciting way onboard a TradeWinds 59 sailing catamaran! You will be booking one cabin (with private bathroom & shower) on a shred charter ran by a team of two professionals: A Captain & a Chef. Sail the turquoise waters in style, enjoying a privilege available to only a few lucky souls!

Fiji is a volcanic archipelago of islands in the southern Pacific Ocean, made up of two main islands and nearly 900 smaller islands and islets. This island nation has been called “the world’s friendliest paradise”, so you can rest assured that you will feel welcomed here! The Fiji Islands are comprised of a thousand miles of sparkling white sand beaches, fabulous coral gardens for snorkeling, dramatic walls for scuba diving the in “soft coral capital of the world” with hews of purple, yellow, red and lavender corals in abundance. Being a blend of rich cultures, it certainly is a place to unwind or alternatively to discover new experiences. Adrift in the splendid isolation of the blue waters of the South Pacific, the islands have escaped the ravages of the western world. The islands are truly Nature’s playgrounds, teeming with jabbering parrots that swoop through treetops above to rare turtles that nest along the beaches. Come sail onboard our luxury catamaran!


1 Bedroom
1 King
1 Bathroom
Sleeps 2
Nearest Airport: Nadi Intl
20 minutes by car